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Wall & Floor Wrapping

Wall & Floor wraps are highly resistant to kicks, knocks, scratches, and scuffs, meaning a massive reduction in maintenance costs. Leaving you with long-lasting indoor and outdoor graphics that always look fresh.

Whether you are considering a short-term solution to support a promotional campaign or long term branding & decoration, we create high-quality wall graphics, printed displays and cost-effective finishes for your interiors.


Our range of specially designed printable films for different substrates, dimensional challenges, textures and effects, enable you to create unique statements and aesthetics in practically any environment. These branding solutions also meet the necessary fire and building regulations when adhered to suitable surfaces.

Wall & Floor Wraps

As with any modern interior branding project, wall graphics provide you with creative freedom. Sophisticated and understated, informed and functional, bright and bold. Endless possibilities with text, photographic images, colour, shapes and geometric patterns.

We have a portfolio of wall filming products that provides a range of finishes and effects suitable for all applications. Textured wallpapers for a really tactile feel. Specially designed matte or lustre laminates to help reduce reflection from lighting. High gloss for a deep rich colour. You can even make your walls functional with magnetic and easy-wipe whiteboard/blackboard effects. You can go full coverage printed wall graphics or we can cut intricate shapes and lettering with coloured films. If you need durable hard-wearing prints then look no further than

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