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Kitchen & Furniture Wrapping

Architectural vinyl wrapping

Our Architectural vinyl wrapping service is a cost effective way of achieving a new kitchen look without the removal, disposal and down time expected with a traditional refit. 

We have a vast range of ‘true to life’ finishes, some of these include:

•Solid colours





Kitchen Wraps

We have given this kitchen a brand new look by wrapping its cupboard doors, drawers, carcasses and kick boards in a premium matte grey architectural design film. wrap products are highly resistant to kicks, knocks, scratches, and scuffs, meaning a massive reduction in maintenance costs. Leaving you with a long-lasting finish. Our architectural design films are used in hotels, airports and other locations with high traffic. They can even be applied to compatible floors using anti-slip technology.

Step 1

Send us a photo of what you would like wrapped

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Step 3

Book an assessment with us

Step 4

Browse our sample range and choose a final colour

Step 5

Book a date for the installation

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